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Water Conservation Slogan

Our inspiration for the contest is that bumper sticker from the 70's that read "Conserve water - shower with a friend"

A good slogan is simple, concise, and crisp.

It's a statement that sticks in your brain.

Congrats to Dean England.

He won our Alberta Blueprint: H20 Slogan Contest with:

Without Water Our Future is a Mirage


Your View

I agree with former premier Peter Lougheed that water is more important than oil. With agriculture using 70% of the surface water, we need to develop a policy that will decrease this usage over a reasonable period of time.

Ron Esch, Calgary

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Showers and baths account for 35 per cent of personal water use, toilet flushing 30 per cent, laundry 20 per cent, kitchen and drinking 10 per cent, and cleaning 5 per cent.

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