Amish fight back, ignore law mandating horse poop bags

Some have gone to jail over an ordinance Amish say unfairly singles out their community

amish horse buggy

An Amish horse and buggy travels on a road in Bart Township, Pa., in 2013. Amish in Kentucky are fighting back against an ordinance that requires large animals to wear poop bags. (Mark Makela/Reuters)


Amish residents of a western Kentucky town are fighting back against an ordinance requiring large animals to wear collection bags to catch their droppings, arguing that the law unfairly singles out their community.

The Daily News of Bowling Green reports that many Amish in Auburn have refused to comply with the ordinance, citing concerns that attempts to put the bags on their horses might frighten the animals.

Many cases have landed in court, and some defendants have been jailed for refusing to pay the fine for violating the ordinance.

Regulation unconstitutional?

Last week, attorney Travis Lock filed a notice arguing that the regulation is unconstitutional because it discriminates against the Amish.

Auburn officials say the ordinance keeps the streets clean and reduces the risk of spreading disease.

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