Judge temporarily blocks new Trump rules on birth control

Pennsylvania attorney general says Trump broke the law in allowing more opting-out of insurance coverage


The Trump administration had estimated that some 200 employers who have already voiced objections to the Obama-era policy on birth control and company insurance would qualify for the expanded opt-out.


A federal judge in Philadelphia has ordered the Trump administration not to enforce new rules that could significantly reduce women's access to free birth control.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone issued the injunction on Friday, temporarily stopping the government from enforcing the policy change to U.S. President Barack Obama's health-care law.

The law required most companies to cover birth control at no additional cost, though it included exemptions for religious organizations.

The new policy would allow more categories of employers, including publicly traded companies, to opt out of providing free contraception to women by claiming religious or moral objections.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says that Trump broke the law to undermine women's health and that the ruling will protect women.

California, Washington, and Massachusetts have also sued the Trump administration over the rules.

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