Police warn of sick coyote spotted in a Scarborough neighbourhood

Residents reported seeing a sick and injured coyote in the Morningside Avenue area

Sick coyote

Police say residents in the Morningside Avenue and Military Trail area of Scarborough should look out for this coyote. They say it has mange and an injury to its left shoulder and may also have a brain disease. Police say the animal is potentially dangerous and anyone seeing it should call 311. (Toronto police)


Toronto Police are issuing a public safety alert after a sick coyote was spotted in a neighbourhood in Scarborough.

The coyote was last seen in the Military Trail and Morningside Avenue area on Tuesday, near the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.

Police say the animal as suffering from a skin disease called mange and has an injury to its left shoulder.

They say the coyote may also be suffering from a brain disease and could be dangerous to the public.

Police are asking anyone who spots the animal in the area to contact Animal Services at 3-1-1.

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