After Many Years: Lost stories of Lucy Maud Montgomery's published in new book

Search continues for remaining titles on author's list

Carolyn Strom Collins

Carolyn Strom Collins was one of the editors who worked to compile the book of Lucy Maud Montgomery's lost stories. (Angela Walker/CBC)


Fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery will be happy to learn they will have some new stories written by the famous Island author to read. 

A new book, After Many Years includes 21 short stories of Montgomery's that were recently rediscovered. 

One of the editors, Carolyn Strom Collins says after Montgomery's bibliography was published in 1986, many interested in her writing saw the list titles the author had written in her ledger book that listed all the titles she had published.

"But some they weren't able to find, there were about 75 of those." 

Nice collection

After the writers found the missing stories, they were sent to Collins who was already working on another bibliography to increase the knowledge of the one done in 1986. 

"So pretty soon we had a pretty nice collection of 21 of those unverified ledger titles that we managed to find." 

The stories cover the period from 1900 to 1939 and haven't been seen since they were first published by Montgomery. 

After Many Years

After Many Years contains 21 short stories written by Lucy Maud Montgomery that were believed to have been lost. (Angela Walker/CBC)

In the book at the end of each story, Collins and the other editor, Christy Woster, added a note to let readers know what books Montgomery had published at that time and what was going on in her career. 

"I feel it's important to have a little bit of context in these things and we wanted to put these stories together in a chronological order so those that are interested could see the progression of her writing style through the years," said Collins.

Change of style

While Montgomery's early works were geared for children, her stories written after Anne of Green Gables was published in 1908 featured more adult characters and appealed to more adult readers.

"We wanted to show that progression, that change of style."

Collins said she has found one more of the missing short stories since the publication of the book, and she and others will continue to search for the rest. 

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