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Waterfront Development seeks new vendors for Halifax boardwalk

New market area will be located between Summit Place and Salter Street


Halifax's Waterfront Development Corporation is looking for new vendors on the boardwalk. (iStock)


The Waterfront Development Corporation is looking for vendors for its new market area along the Halifax boardwalk.

The kiosks had to be moved from the Cable Wharf area because of the $200-million Queen's Marque development. By late spring a new market area will be located along the waterfront between Summit Place and the Salter Street block.

There will be a total of 22 different types of vendor spaces, an increase of 10 sites from the previous location. Some of the kiosks will have power and water, others will just have electricity.  A few of them will be in shipping containers.  

"We are accepting ideas around different forms of buildings," said Jennifer Angel, the acting president of the Waterfront Development Corporation, "so they might be like the kiosks or they may be some different model."

Deadline Jan. 17

A new public washroom will be built, along with a separate seating area and an outdoor event space that can also be used as a marketplace. The outdoor venue will have a stage for artists and musicians and will be able to accommodate 250 people.  

The Waterfront Development Corporation is also looking for marine businesses to operate from eight different locations along the boardwalk from the Cable Wharf to the South Battery Park.

"We have over 1,500 feet of public floating docks and wharf infrastructure," said Angel. "Much of that is a possible location for a marine-based business."

Angel said vendors in the old spot were told last spring they would have to move out and it was always stipulated in their licences that a new development would be built on the site.

They can submit proposals for the new market space, she said, but will be given no preferential treatment. 

Anyone interested in operating either a marine-based business or a vendor kiosk have until Jan. 17 to submit proposals. Successful applicants will get five-year licences.

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