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Polar bear film snags Halifax company an Emmy nod



The documentary stars a teenaged polar bear from Western Hudson Bay. (CBC)

A Halifax-based film company has been nominated for an Emmy award for its documentary chronicling one polar bear's battle with climate change.

Arcadia Entertainment's Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey, traces a young bear's migration through the icy waters of Hudson Bay and its subsequent adventures on land.

Producer John Wesley Chisholm said the film shows a different side to the iconic northern animal.

"You see polar bears not against snowy backgrounds and bergy bits, but mostly in the dirt where they have to struggle with flies and problems we associate with summer," he said.

The documentary is nominated for best cinematography in the 34th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards

The piece features shots of the bear climbing cliffs to catch birds and fighting a herd of walruses.

Chisholm credits director Adam Ravetch.

"He's the closest thing to GI Joe I've ever met, in terms of getting the shot. He'll just go to any length. So when you see someone swimming alongside a polar bear underwater, that's him."

The awards ceremony will air Sept. 22.

Click here to watch the documentary on CBC's The Nature of Things.

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