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Ellen Page tweets support for Lucy DeCoutere after testimony at Ghomeshi trial

The Trailer Park Boys actress spent 2 days on the witness stand and faced intense cross-examination

Ellen Page

Actress Ellen Page tweeted Saturday her friend Lucy DeCoutere is "deeply kind, generous and brave." (Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)


Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page has tweeted her support for Trailer Park Boys star Lucy DeCoutere after a rough day at the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial. 

"My friend Lucy DeCoutere is one of the most incredible people I know — deeply kind, generous and brave," Page tweeted Saturday morning.

The two actresses, both from Halifax, are friends.

DeCoutere responded: "MAN, I'd loved to have had a PPP dance-off with you last night after I left court. Huge love and respect."

DeCoutere spent two days on the witness stand at the Ghomeshi trial this week, alleging the former CBC star choked and slapped her without her consent in the summer of 2003 in his Toronto home.

During an intense cross-examination by the disgraced broadcaster's lawyer, court heard that DeCoutere sent a series of emails to him following the alleged assault.

 Lucy DeCoutere

Actor and Air Force Captain Lucy DeCoutere in October, 2014. (Chris So/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

One of them, sent just a few hours later, expressed a desire to have sex with him.

Marie Henein said those dispatches prove the attack never happened. 

DeCoutere held firm throughout her testimony, saying her subsequent interactions with Ghomeshi don't mean the alleged attack never took place.

On Saturday, she also tweeted thanks to those who took to social media to defend and support her.

Ghomeshi has pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

The trial resumes on Monday.

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