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RCMP give computers to Eskasoni students — but there's a catch

Students must complete special programs with an RCMP officer to hold onto the new tech

Connecting Kids with Cops

Students in Eskasoni, N.S., received new computers this week as part of the program, Connecting Kids with Cops. (Joan Weeks/CBC)


Students in Eskasoni, N.S., were excited to be given new computers yesterday — but they may not be allowed to keep them.

It's part of the national Connecting Kids with Cops through Technology program that helps local RCMP officers sit down with elementary and middle-school children to work on projects.

If the 27 students complete the workshops, they can keep the computers.

Cyber bullying and drug awareness

Eskasoni community officer Const. Duma Bernard said students can pick their own subject, or go with one of the regular offerings.

"All we have to do is take these young people through lessons once a month on cyber bullying, drug awareness," said Bernard. "It even goes into dating and violence."

Most of the students aren't sure what to expect from Kids with Cops, but they're confident they will earn their computers.

"I feel special because we got computers," said student Eliza Gould.

"Special, yeah," agreed her friend Layla Silliboy. "We got picked!"

'Worth every cent'

Hope Henderson is CEO of the RCMP Foundation, which has partnered with RBC on the project.

"We work with the RCMP to identify high-potential kids in their communities," she said. "[Children] that come from families that really could use an extra leg up by having these kids have a computer so they can reach their high potential."

Henderson is travelling across the country launching the Kids with Cops program in schools.  

"Some of those smiles, I thought they were going to crack their faces," said Henderson. "They were so excited. This is exactly why I do what I do, because these kids are worth every mile I travel and every cent we raise."

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