Time-lapse video shows 4-year progress of Hebron oil platform

Project nearing completion, tow-out ceremony planned for April 18

Hebron Time Lapse 1:24


With construction of the $14-billion Hebron platform winding down, lead partner ExxonMobil Canada is sharing a glimpse of the work done over the past four years with a new time-lapse video.

In the clip, the massive construction project comes to life, moving from humble beginnings to the hulking behemoth that the platform is today. 

Hebron platform February 2017

The Hebron platform, seen in Trinity Bay in early 2017, is expected to go into production before the end of the year. (ExxonMobil)

A tow-away ceremony at the construction site in Trinity Bay is scheduled for April 18, and the platform could be on its way to the Hebron oil field in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin in as little as two weeks after that. 

First oil production is on track for the end of 2017. 

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