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Fredericton band Kill Chicago strikes a chord with student debt

Volunteers with a cash crunch line up to be part of band's video


The Fredericton band Kill Chicago has received a lot of interest from people with student debt problems in response to its call for video actors. (CBC)


A Fredericton band that put out a call for people struggling with student debt is getting an overwhelming response.

The group Kill Chicago is in the middle of making a new album and music video.

They turned to social media to ask for people to take part in the video for the new song, "Take The City," being recorded on Sunday, Feb. 21.

They asked for anyone having trouble with student debt, and no way to pay it off.


Lead singer Greg Webber says the band's call for volunteers has been shared and seen by thousands. (CBC)

"So far it's been shared a bazillion times online, and close to ten thousand people that have seen the post," said lead singer Greg Webber.

He says they already have double the number they expected to volunteer for the video, which was inspired by the 2012 Quebec student protests fighting tuition hikes.

The East Coast knows

Drummer Zachary Atkinson says the theme of being in debt, and not working, or having move out west to work is well understood in the area.

"A lot of these things strike a lot of chords with a lot of New Brunswick people, a lot of East Coast, a lot of Canadians," said Atkinson.


Kill Chicago drummer Zachary Atkinson says the theme of being in debt is well-understood on the East Coast. (CBC)

It's also something the entire band understands.

"I'm in a similar situation with student debt and all that sort of thing and made me think of all the options," said keyboard player Dillon Anthony. "Some of which I wouldn't want to do. I'd like to be able to stay at home, for a long time, and make a go of it here."

Webber also knows that financial crunch.

"Every time I turn around, they're either cutting teaching positions, which is my profession, they're cutting ArtsNB funding, which has affected me," he said. "I got some of those scholarships when I was in school. Or taking away tuition tax rebates which was the only positive financial thing to moving back."

The group says they'd like to have as many volunteers as possible at the Sunday video shoot.

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