All-female longboarding school breaks into 'male-dominated' sport

Longboard 4us school has taught 50 girls and women in Montreal and Quebec so far

Longboarding 4us

D'avril (top left) with a group of longboarding students at Montreal's Olympic Stadium. (Submitted by Catherine D'avril)


Catherine D'avril says when she first took up longboarding, the only woman she knew who was interested in the sport was the one who first taught her how to ride.

"It was a pretty male dominated sport when I first started, and a lot of my female friends would say, oh, can you teach us how to do it," she told CBC Montreal's Daybreak.

Since then, she's had 50 women and girls to give longboarding a try through classes she offers in Montreal and Quebec City under the name Longboard 4us. 

D'avril said her students range from 14-year-old girls to women in their mid-40s.

"I just want to get a chill atmosphere, where there's no silly questions, and everyone is just trying and having fun," she said.

One of her students, Caroline Simard, said the all-women atmosphere has helped her learn.

"It was really easier to have a group that is just female, and you're not afraid to try," she said.

D'avril offers beginner and advanced classes, and said that an 1.5-hour lesson is often enough to get a novice longboarder comfortable on the board.

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