How to Dice a Cucumber

Dicing cucumber into uniform pieces takes practice. Luckily, there's an easy technique to achieve same-size pieces. Here's a simple way to dice cucumber in just four easy steps. Follow along in the step shots below.

  1. Lay the cucumber horizontally on your cutting board and, starting about a ½ inch from the end, cut long slits down the length. Depending on the width of your cucumber, you'll make roughly two or three slits.
  2. Give the cucumber a half turn and cut slits the same length down that side too. You're essentially cutting your first cuts in half.
  3. You'll now have long cucumber fingers still attached at the end. Dice them by cutting down the width of the cucumber, as shown in the bottom left photo below.


And that's it. With a uniform dice like this you'll not only produce a prettier dish, but you'll also make it easier and more enjoyable for people to eat.

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