Gluten-Free Entertaining

When you're hosting an event, understanding and planning for your guests' allergies is an important part of your job. If they have a gluten allergy, here's how to ensure you keep them safe.

  1. Make as much food as possible from scratch so you have more control over what goes into a dish.
  2. Everything from baking powder to soy sauce can contain gluten. It's important that you check food labels carefully to make sure the product is gluten-free. Buying ingredients clearly labeled as gluten-free is safest. If you're unsure, check the brand's website or call them directly.
  3. Be careful with your workspace. Cross-contamination can occur simply by using the same cutting board, toasting in the same toaster, or using the same utensils.
  4. If you're serving foods with gluten too, let your guests with gluten allergies fill their plates first. This way you won't risk a knife that's touched gluten ending up on the gluten-free cheeseboard. Putting a sign next to gluten-free dishes also helps distinguish safe menu items.
  5. Don't forget the drinks! Many beers and some spirits contain gluten, so make sure to stock the fridge with gluten-free refreshments.
  6. Involve your guests in the in the menu planning. They'll likely have some good recommendations to help make your job easier too.

These tips will help you host an event with guests who are gluten-intolerant. Now you need the recipes! Plan a show-stopping gluten-free menu with our best ideas below.

Crispy Roasted Pistachio Chicken
Peach-Chipotle Pork With Asparagus
Chinese Sticky Chicken Wings
Jerk Roast Pork
Butter Chicken
Lamb Braised in Date Sauce
Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks with Fennel and White Beans

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