Want to add extra creaminess to your salads, tacos and sandwiches in a super healthy way? Slice up an avocado. The rich, buttery flavour of this savoury fruit will do the trick every time. Not only do they have a luxurious texture and taste, they're also packed with potassium, monounsaturated fatty acids, fibre and Vitamins B and E. So we all agree we want them, now here's how to choose them and store them.

Common Varieties

Hass and Fuerte are the two most common types of avocados you'll see on the shelves. Hass avocados have rough, almost black skin and a deep, rich flavour, while Fuerte avocados are leaner and green-skinned.

Because of their lower fat content, Fuerte tend to hold their shape better than Hass. Use Fuerte in salads and sandwiches and mash up creamier Hass avocados for guacamole.

Buying and Storing

Like bananas, avocados are picked unripe, so you'll need to choose ones that are ready. To test for ripeness, hold them in your hand and squeeze gently. Use the ones that yield slightly. If they're too soft, they'll be slimy and possibly bitter.

To ripen avocados, leave them out at room temperature. If you place them in the fridge before they're ready, the cold could do cell damage so they won't ripen at all. To speed up the ripening process, place them in a paper bag in a warm place.

To store leftover avocado, leave the pit in and spread the edges with lemon juice or mayonnaise before wrapping tightly in plastic wrap.


It's best to slice an avocado right before serving or using, as they brown quickly when exposed to air. Like with apples or artichokes you can minimize this by coating the exposed flesh with an acidic ingredient like lemon or lime juice.

The added juice won't make your guacamole runny either, since avocados are high in lecithin, a natural emulsifier and lubricant that helps bind ingredients together. Avocados are best eaten raw, as they tend to turn bitter with cooking.

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