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Episode 3: It's all about mom

mom image2.jpgThis week on Being Jann, a salute to all the moms out there!

Jann tells us about her mom's recent matchmaking attempts in the shoe aisle at Winners.

A Being Jann listener calls in with her dead-on impression of Jann's mom (or rather, an impersonation of Jann impersonating her mom).

Then Jann hits the streets of Calgary to ask people, "What's one thing your mom does that drives you bananas?"

Tegan and Sara's mom, Sonia Clement, pops by to dish some dirt on her famous offspring, like what their first word was...but we can't say that on the radio.

And Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie talks to Jann about kids, staying sane in Hollywood, and why she still feels like clocking Nellie Oleson sometimes.

And Calgary blogger Kyra Evans-Schultz tells Jann why becoming a mom for the first time compelled her to start The Hindsight Letters, a site where people write letters of advice to their teenaged selves.

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And here's this week's playlist (as heard on the radio):

The Be Good Tanyas - "The Littlest Birds"

Ian Tyson - "Alcohol in the Bloodstream"

Tegan and Sara - "Back in Your Head"

Allman Brothers -"Melissa"

Lenka - "Don't Let Me Fall"