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Episode 8: Small town tales with Brent Butt

brent_butt-.jpgToday on Being Jann, Jann shares her favourite memories of growing up in Springbank, Alberta - like how she managed to fail her high school's mandatory curling class.

Comedian and proud Saskatchewanite Brent Butt tells us about his unintentionally hilarious mom, the worst thing he ever did to a sibling, and performing "Nothing Rhymes with Saskatchewan" for a befuddled Queen Elizabeth.

Jann reveals why it's so embarassing shopping at Costco with her dad.

And in another edition of "Family Faceoff," a Being Jann listener calls in with a story that proves her dad is much, much wackier than Papa Arden.

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And here's this week's playlist:

The Decemberists - "Down By the Water"

Bob Kemmis - "Late Night Advice"

k.d. lang - "Western Stars"

Arcade Fire - "Modern Man"

Sidney York - "Dick & Jane"

Kim Stockwood - "Back to the Water"