Being Erica


Leo Strange

LeoLeo is Erica's beloved older brother. Growing up, he was protective and caring of his younger sisters. In many ways, he suffered from typical teenage/early twenties angst: perpetually seeking independence and freedom from his overbearing parents.

A skateboarder, a pot smoker, a partier - Leo does his thing with confidence and without looking back. He may not be the hottest guy on campus; however, his chill, and down-to-earth nature make him perpetually endearing to the ladies.

Leo's untimely death destroys Erica and haunts the entire Strange family. Erica and Leo were so close, so unlike the problem relationship she has with Samantha. It's something Erica will never be able to get over, but something that she will have to learn to move on from.


Devon has been acting professionally since the age of 10 and has an extensive background in film and television. His professional feature film career includes the starring role in Atom Egoyan's 2008 Cannes launch feature film Adoration. Bostick also played the role of "Marvin" in The Stone Angel and starred as DeNiro's son in Godsend, the lead role in the film Citizen Duane with Donal Logue and Vivica A. Fox, "Brian" in George A. Romero's Land of the Dead, and the lead in the feature film Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He is currently filming a lead role in Entitled alongside Ray Liotta.

His television credits include guest starring roles in the new Global/ABC series Copper, and CBC's The Border. Bostick's TV movies include: A Life Interrupted, Jerry Ciccoritti's MOW Shania, Peter Bogdanovich's MOW Hustle and a guest starring role on the series Missing. In his spare time, Bostick enjoys playing the electric guitar, creating his own films and studying improvisational techniques. He also attends a performing arts school. Additionally, Bostick would like to be credited for beating Ted Danson at a game of chess on the set of Knights of South Bronx.

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