Being Erica


Lenin Crosby

LeninLenin is the young, good-looking custodian who swept Samantha off her feet last season. Lenin's a free spirit who is always up for an adventure, and this season he finds himself facing his biggest adventure yet.


Few actors have built their careers as quickly and successfully as Vancouver born and raised, Brandon Jay McLaren . McLaren is one of the most buzzed about actors in the entertainment business, as the array of characters he has brought to life over the past few years have branded him as charismatic, charming, intense and powerful, an actor with an undeniable raw talent and work ethic which allows him to shine on every level. In 2010 McLaren is set to dominate in film and television, first with his critically acclaimed film TUCKER & DALE VS EVIL which is making its way through the film festival circuit after becoming a Sundance Film Festival Favorite and winning the 2010 SXSW Audience Award. Next, he can be seen in one of his biggest projects to date, appearing as "Sobel" in the much anticipated, TRON sequel Disney's TRON: LEGACY premiering December 2010.

McLaren is best known for his characters "Danny Brooks" from the CBS series "Harper's Island" and first made waves in Hollywood as "Toby," in the DreamWorks smash comedy hit SHE'S THE MAN opposite Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. McLaren has also gone on to guest star on popular shows such as "CSI," "Human Target," and "The Wanda Sykes Show." In 2011, McLaren hopes to return to his theater roots, and he is also producing and starring in a short film called TWO KNOTS - the first of nine short films for the ensemble feature VANCOUVER STORIES. In his spare time, he loves to cook, read, and run - as he is currently training for a half marathon.

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