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Ivan Ivan may look like a burly biker covered in tattoos, but he's a big softy at heart, and a major source of comic relief throughout the series. Last season, Dave and Ivan got engaged, and now they are planning for their fast-approaching wedding day.


Michael Northey is a talented actor and writer who graduated from the Studio 58 acting program in Vancouver in 1995. Since then he has acted in many theatre productions, including Mojo, The OverCoat, The Odd Couple, Basically Good Kids, The Crucible, Samaritan, Glengarry Glen Ross, & True Story. Michael's writing credits include Cranked!, which won the Jessie Richardson Award for Best Original Script in 2007. He currently has a pilot and six episodes written for the sitcom "Stuck!", based on his stage play of the same name, and his feature script "Theze Thugz Livez", about growing up in his home town Surrey, was picked by Praxis for their mentorship program.

Michael has had recurring roles on two now defunct programs, Showtimes Jeremiah and the NBC series Just Deal. Other roles include: Shattered, Supernatural, Masters Of Horror, Stargate, Terminal City, Dead Zone, Cold Squad, Special Unit 2, The Outer Limits, Beyond Belief, DaVinci's Inquest,The Sentinel and many more. His feature performances include: Love Happens, Two For The Money, Catwoman, The Sex Crimes Of Gillian Guest, Devour, Alone In The Dark, Connie and Carla Do L.A., Deep Evil, Killer Bees, Try Seventeen, The Santa Clause 2, Door To Door, Hostage Negotiator, I'll Be Home For Christmas, Double Edged, and Storm Chaser.

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