Being Erica


Dr. Tom

Dr. Tom is played by Michael Riley on Being Erica

The ever elusive Dr. Tom guided Erica through some major changes in Season Three, and now in Season Four they begin the final stage of her therapy. Last season, Dr. Tom faced a major shakeup in his own life, the reappearance of his long estranged daughter, Sarah. Dr. Arthur gave Dr. Tom a clear mandate - to go live his life, so in Season Four, Dr. Tom starts to step away from his office, and reemerge into the real world.


In a career spanning more that two decades, Canadian actor Michael Riley has become known for his versatility and his ability to completely reinvent himself with each new role. Called an 'acting chameleon' and the 'Lon Chaney' of his generation, Riley's remarkable body of work has earned six Gemini wins and another eight Gemini nominations in the Best Actor category, among an accomplished list of other industry nominations and accolades.

Since graduating from the prestigious National Theatre School of Canada, Riley has been the lead in numerous feature films, MOW's, long-running television series and several award-winning mini-series including the critically acclaimed RACE TO MARS (Discovery Channel), ST. URBAIN'S HORSEMAN (CBC), POWER PLAY (CTV) and TO CATCH A KILLER based on the true story of the pursuit of American serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Riley can currently be seen starring as "Dr. Tom" in the popular CBC series BEING ERICA. He also played the lead role in CBC's acclaimed series THIS IS WONDERLAND and has guest starred for CBS on shows like C.S.I and FLASHPOINT. Riley's feature films include MR. NOBODY with Jared Leto, NORMAL with Carrie-Anne Moss, the award-winning MILE ZERO, Steven Spielberg's AMISTAD, FRENCH KISS with Meg Ryan and PERFECTLY NORMAL with Robbie Coltrane to name a few.

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