Gary Strange

Gary StrangeLast season saw Erica's mother win the fight against cancer, and become reunited with Gary, her ex-husband.


John Boylan has starred and appeared in a treasure trove of hit Canadian television series such as Road to Avonlea, North of 60, Due South, Earth: Final Conflict, Blue Murder, Queer As Folk and Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. Boylan also guest starred in The Movie Network's Regenisis; and has recurring roles in Instant Star, The Dresden Files, Little Mosque on the Prairie, the TV biopic, Shania and the upcoming mini-series for The History Channel, The Kennedys.

His motion picture appearances include Alien Thunder with Donald Sutherland; Angela starring Sophia Loren; Murder At 1600; Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle; Fever Pitch; and Land of the Lost.