Day 17 - Things are looking up!

Today is a good day!

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Can't wait for the the shows to start tomorrow monday.

I thought that all Canadian shows sucked except for Hockey Night in Canada. This show will do well if people find out about it. I was channel surfing, popped in and stayed for the duration. Generally one doesn't look for good new shows on CBC. Simple, good acting, cute actress, a story line that everyone can relate too.
Good luck!

My wife & I watched the premier episode, and we are very very pleased with it! First thing we said at the end of the show was that we are certainly going to continue watching the series, and expressed how we mutually felt that this will be a truly awesome television show. Too bad our American friends won't have access to this gem.

This clever concept for a series surely resonates a chord in many of us, wishing for our own second chances in life, which surely is the appeal to the show in the first place. However the lessons experienced by the character Erica are ones perhaps through watching we might ourselves vicariously learn. I hope that after this pilot episode that the future shows will continue to be as inspirationally insightful as they are entertaining.

Personally I wish the creators of this show many blessings, and my heartfelt best wishes to everyone involved. May "Being Erica" become a smash hit and find a snug fond spot in the hearts of many viewers.

Blessed Wishes,
Robert Borowski

Good evening,

I just watched the show Being Erica. It's good, I like the story line concept and the individuals playing the characters are wonderful.
Congrats to all CBC employees and crew for creating a great new show.

Merci, Thank you
Keep up the great work!

I saw the premiere episode tonight;excellent! Looking forward to the rest of the season. Well done!

Just watched the show. Really liked it! Hope CBC keeps it going on Monday nights when I can be here to watch it all season. Go Erica! :)

NOOOOOOOOOOO! I can't believe I've reached the end of this blog! You should seriously continue this, even though the show will obviously go in a different direction. The Vair stuff is hilarious. Thanks so much for the best laugh I've had all day--P.S. Loved the show too. I would kill to be on your writing staff. Oh God, now I wish my comment was funny and not so gushy. I'm not going to be able to sleep now.

Loved the first episode! You got everything right - right down to the bodysuits we actually wore as shirts. Those of us who graduated high school in 92 (when the jays won) will definitely be brought back in time. The subtle references are hillarious! Way to go! Looking forward to next Monday!!!

Erin is such a cute little thing and plays the part so smartly! This hits way to close to home for me & my wife! The world has changed so drastically, yet friends & family want us all to believe life is just like it was in 1955. Although I am older than Erin's character, I have had an awful similar life: over-educated undermployed wondering where the opportunities are and what I did wrong. Erin is a little dollie

I looked at the show mainly because my daughter (Judith) is on it but at the end I am thinking that I can't wait to see what happens next to Erica.

Good show CBC.

love the show! Made me laugh, and of course we can all relate to some extent.

Love that Day 17 on the video blog is where the show starts off. The blog should be kept up, you'll have a loyal following in no time.

Between Facebook and the video blogs, its a fantastic way for the viewers to be semi-interactive with this character!

Good Job CBC and to the cast of Being Erica!

I have got to admit tuned if after I found the one I was going to watch was a repeat. Cannot believe the quality of the show, actors are fantastic, well rounded and yes I am 50 and I abolutley loved the show, have been talking about it to everyone to make sure they watch. Has the quality of the Gilmore girls, great story lines, but not mushy and stupid, makes you wish it was on every night. Keep up the great work, and tell everyone you know to watch.

The blog has been great. My wife and I both really enjoyed the show; right up there with This is Wonderland and JPod (uh-oh!). Hopefully the CBC mothership will keep Erica even if the Leafs don't make the playoffs.

Isn't Erica the cutest! Why are you way over in Toronto? :D

Great show CBC. You were due. ;)

Lovely show! The soundtrack makes me so nostalgic....yikes, I'm dating myself here.

I'm going to be tuned in for the next several Mondays!

well as I work full time, with the fact I live in Toronto, I found it hard to watch it on TV, watching the episodes online is actuary great idea.... I loved the show and I added it to my favorite shows after LOST & Prison Break. I found the story is really nice specially when I found it is taking desperate housewives sort of story view ....as the story moves towards the end we found there is some lessons and advices (which is something really great) the only thing I found kind strange about "erica" is she is so beautiful and attractive which is really strange to find her self 37 and she could not get married or accomplish any thing. I think any employer will higher her without interview :-), or any man would love to meet her and date her without a question. unless..., of course should have a serious issues or problems which we did not see it just yet..... it is only 2 episodes so far, so we can not judge based on it yet.

Wow! I have never watched anything on CBC before...until now. Being Erica is fantastic, i'm so impressed. Love the storylines, love the actress, very well written and realistic. Keep it up! Can't wait to see what happens to Erica next!

I love the show. It's fresh, it's funny and a bright spot on Monday night. I also love the blog. You should continue it. The stuff on Vair was hilarious!

I have to admit that I have been waiting for something from CBC in terms of quality viewing that compares to This is Wonderland, and I think they've finally found it in Being Erika.

I agree with everyone here that the actress is great ... very cute, but not unrelateable. I think we all know someone like her and can relate in some ways.

I like her quirkiness ... something like Ally McBeal, but not quite as exaggerated (or successful ... at least in a professional sense). There's just something about her that has you rooting for her.

Keep up the good work CBC, and I hope we don't lose this one (I'm still missing This is Wonderland)!

i lover erica she is so crazy yet cool

Thank you CBC for coming up with an intelligent, funny and entertaining show. It is sooo refreshing to see Canadian telivision we can be proud of. Don't let this one go!

Dear Being Erica Producer:
What the ? are you doing with the Being Erica timeslot? Do you realize that changing the air night is the absolute kiss of death for audience viewing numbers?
Yeah, keep changing the night so the audience never knows where to find you, real smart move, duh
Oh I get it now, your ratings are going down and the CBC brass can treat you any way they want to, right?
Hey, keep up your wimpiness and next week your timeslot will be Sunday night at 3 am, followed by cancellation!
Come on, don't be a doormat, stick up for your show and show some courage! There are 1 or 2 people like me who actually think your show is good - WHY are you abandoning us? Why?
Your acceptance of the moving target timeslot is just not acceptable.
Come on, Fight back, you are losing your audience with each timeslot move.
FIGHT BACK! Or write me back and tell me what is going on? If it is the result of some CBC focus group artsy timeslot theory, I have only one word for that - NUTS!
If on the other hand, you need some solid advice, write me back and ask-you got a tough love friend here in Barry Freed

I love this show!! My daughter and I look forward to the episodes each week. This is the only series I watch and I think the plot and characters are original and some of the situations remind me of my own awkward moments. I also tell everyone I know to watch this great show!!

Barry Freed is right on - leave this show on Monday night. All you will do by moving is lose viewers. This is a great show.

feburary 12,2009
Dear Erica Strange,
Hi,my name is Astrid.I looooooove the show Being Erica because the plot and characters are so original.
The show Being Erica is my favourite show.
Were do you live?How did you get into the acting buisness?What is your favourite episode of Being Erica?
Well I hope you enjoyed my letter because I had alot of questions to ask you.Please reply!!!!!


Great show - very unique concept - can be fluffy at times but can also
be very brave. Good luck to the producers - this is the fist time I have
ever wanted a show to succeed and written in. I will continue to watch, if possible (CBC brass) keep the show date consistent from here in.

All I can say is finally! And THANK YOU!!!

Funny, smart and literate!
I started watching the show first, but now both my wife and I are hooked!
Such superb quality. The fact that it is a homegrown product makes the show's success all the sweeter!
Crosses the generational lines wonderfully. The appeal seems to be virtually 20's to infinity. (I am a retiree)
Thanks and congratulations
Michael and Barbara Fullerton

love this show...

I desided to check out the show when it started and by the next week had all of my friends from school watching it. We were hooked. We were so upset to find out that there is only one episode left but we are praying that you guys will do a second season. You can tell the show is good when you have an entire 9th grade class hooked on a show ( guys included) so good job and keep up the good work.