Being under-employed

It's only been a few days since I was fired "encouraged to pursue other opportunities" and I'm already running out of money. How does that happen so fast? I'm not spending irresponsibly or anything. In fact, aside from the occasional (ruinously expensive, I'll admit) caramel-white-chocolate-double latte, I'm really very frugal. Time to rewrite the ol' resume AGAIN. Ah, job hunting. One of life's sweet little pleasures.

While I work on that, do tell: what's your favourite euphemism for being right-sized/optimized/streamlined?

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The glass less or equal to 1/2 full version; clusterschmucked.

The glass (rose coloured) way more than 1/2 full and the sun will shine tomorrow and the day after that version; opportunisized.

Feel free to use either although I think I may apply to get a service mark on Opportunisized. It has that feel to it. You know, the feel. ;)

The latter term is perfect since really, you can do whatever you want now. Have a mid-life (albeit a little early for you) crisis and completely change what you are doing, go back to school, move to London and incidentally meet me at Chapters Masonville in the Self-Help section. Ahhh, just let your world happen for a reason, Erica.

giggles and FREE HUGS rule!

"Some day everything will be fine, I deserve it."

hate that

My favorite has always been "They have decided to spend more time with their family." line.

"let go"
Go where?!?!

Let go. Like I always wanted out, and finally got my wish.

Down-sized. Common perhaps but it always makes me think that I am being shrunk so I can join the circus as a midget clown.
Now THERE's job security - nobody ever fires midget clowns. You get your own trailer and all the slightly-soiled popcorn you can collect, so the wage is just bankable baby.

I heard Erica talking on CBC radio today and she gave a website that I could watch the first episode. Could you post this site. Thanks

I've got two: "outplaced" and my personal favourite:

"Released back into the talent pool". Like trout!

As i've come to love the show and the character, I can't help thinking that the songs from a local Toronto band (Sunshine State) would be suitable for ooooooooooooh soooooo many episodes!

The band is local and has some serious talent and is performed/produced by James Bryan (aka James McCollum) - guitarist from The Philopher Kings. and the amazing talented Aleza Coldevin.

Check them out, would love to hear a few of their tracks on the show!

Here are a few I recall over the years:

"We're reorganizing the department"
"We've decided to take a new direction/ path"
"Your position no longer exists due to the merge/buyout"
"There are new requirements for your position that you don't match" (ouch)
"Your position has been outsourced"
"You know, you were always overqualified for this job"

Unclutter your life and simplify only wish I could :)

"Transitioned" I once read an announcement that our VP was being transitioned and I thought he was going to a different department. Wow I was shocked to see him leave.

Can't seem to watch the show again I saw it on tv in Seattle but the website won't let me watch it again unless I'm in Canada.
Also I can't find the show on Itunes I have not decided whether to buy it yet of course but will I be able to if I want to later?

Great show, looking forward to next show.

I know this is completely unrelated but I just found out that "Erica" is my old principals daughter, its a small world after all.

Are these comments for real??

Loved the quote about "the choices we make" in this last episode, did anyone catch that?

Love the show..Erin is fantastic...

Love the show. I would also love to see a list of Dr. Tom's quotations . Thanks!

Love the show.

Please don't let it get too moralizing though - don't forget to break out of the mold every once in awhile! (she says after 2 episodes, I know)

Layed off
It works with what the economy's like right now.
Great show, hope the blog continues.

Is it going to come out on DVD? Because they just took our Canadian Channel off! I loved the first two episodes!

Seeing Michael Riley again made me miss "This is Wonderland". Cute show though. Definatly a lot lighter than Wonderland, but I guess that's what the powers that be at the CBC were looking for.

LOVE this show! Way to go to CBC!

OMG I love love LOVE this show - Erin is just perfect for the part

"Invited to remain home. Permanently."


Hey Erin (or Erica, as you prefer),

I'm watching your show all the way from Portugal and I just have two words for you: LOVE IT!

All the best for you, the cast and the crew of Being Erica,

Manuel Reis

"Freeing up your future".....

I love this show and I hope it is put out on DVD. BUT I want really want is the music from the show. Can I put in a request for the music of each episode to be listed? Other CBC shows have done a good job at and it would be appreciated.

lol cool show

I love this show, although it does make me think. While there is no certainty of what would be changed first; the possibilities are incredible. This is the stuff of which dreams are made of. Maybe wishes can come true.
Thank you

This is a great show!!! By far the best I've seen in a very long time that was created, produced and filmed in Canada.
I to love the music and how it all ties everything together. Also the quotes can really get you thinking.

Hopefully this will get passed onto CBC. If the ratings aren't what you want, please DON"T cancel it. Put it on a night and time slot that it can and will do better!!
Right now it is up against "24" on Global and "Two and a half Men" on CTV

Anyways a great show!!! I sure hope it sticks around until Erica has finished her "LIST"

Thanks Eric

I really enjoy this show, it's one of the frist Canadian shows that is mainstream, the storyline is amazing, keep it up, Thanks!

Thank you Erica and team for the show!

The first three were great, the last one a bit messed up, it looks like it could be two episodes instead of one.

I believe the list of quotes from the show by episode would be a great contribution to the blog. Some of them I did not hear ever, but they are really good and make the show a bit more special...

Best regards,


Congratulations !!
This is a lovely show. I really enjoy watching it.
I am learning English and sometimes I don't understand the jokes completely but I can watch online the show again, so I can understand !!!LOL
I hope the CBC continue to make available the episodes online.

I love Being Erica! The eponymous program resonates on so many different levels. It's a relief to watch a character who doesn't have it all figured out by 32. Smart writing, contemporary message, great acting, and lol funny.

Thanks Erica

Don't give up on the blog!

I have to say, besides the local news, this is the only show I am watching on CBC. It is truly brilliant! I absolutely love everything about. I feel as though I am going on a little trip every Monday night when I watch it. Keep up the great work!

Please come back and blog some more??? I've been watching the show and love it. Would love some little extras here from your blogging too!

As for the glass being half empty or half full....I could care less. I'm just happy to have a glass!


Just wanted to say I ADORE this show. I see a lot of myself in your character.

After I got over the idea that mister psychology man could be out "fixing history" instead of Erica, I have really gotten into the show, and think it's awesome!

I hope it continues to be a success!

I really enjoy the music, storyline and Erica's character. Keep up the good work.

Love, love, love the show!

I hope the move to Wednesdays isn't a sign of trouble. :(

I can totally relate to Erica having just been let go "to pursue other opportunities", being basically the same age & single in Toronto.

This is the first show I have actually sat down and watched in a very long time.
Kudos to CBC!

I AM ERICA! No, not really, but I can totally relate. I'm almost the same age (29), am "over-educated" but "under-employed" (well, until I started my own business. I'm now my own boss!!). I've even worked for a girl younger than me. I think it's all part of being part of the Cusper generation - those who're the last of the X's. Maybe we can turn out great. After all, Barack Obama is part of Generation Jones - the last of the Boomers.

Why did the show move to Wednesday? And I didn't get it about today's show. If the ending is the same, why does 'being right' make all the difference?

"Let go. Like I always wanted out, and finally got my wish."

I had that happen once. The company was completely dysfunctional, totally Dilbertville. I was so happy to be "let go" I could have kissed the pink slip! (laugh)

Hey Erica I would just like to say I love the show because its so real life, and it gives me examples on what to do in my crazy life.

wiahing you all the best in your day and cant wait for tomorrows show!

Loving this show.

Fantastic job to whoever added the "burnt toast" line to Episode 107. I love the Heritage Minutes, and that reference blew my mind! :)

I love this show and look forward to it every week! Whan Erica goes back I can so relate to certain things its unbelievable! i wish i could go back in my skin now,that would be great! Please keep this show coming!!Erica is wonderful

I love this show! Keep it coming!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW! Being Erica is hilarious and witty and the Ericaisms have me laughing aloud. On its own, Being Erica is well written and appeals to a diverse audience (myself , 32 and my partner, 50). It is my new anticipated show for the week!

I too love love love this show! I'm just a university student but I find it still sort of relates to the whole soul searching thing I'm going through plus it takes place in TO. I really identify with Erica's issues.

You people must have been looking through the two way mirror into my life.


I love this show - I love following around a fictional story that takes place in much of my reality! The characters are a lot of fun and the stories are great. I came to it late but got all caught up by streaming it online:) Keep up the great stuff!!

I think it's cool that the show is in the east end of Toronto. The shul from last night in the beaches is the onee where my friend Shane made his Bar Mitzvah two years ago. The apartment looks like it's from around Main & Gerrard.
Love the show. One of the best things is it is set in Toronto not Chicago!!

Vancouver Island

My favourite euphemism for getting fired is being "rightsized". Hey if that's the case, how come I still need to lose 20 lbs?

Erica, is a light feel good show of human quality's
it dares the questionable dark side of the average si ki. It paints the charactors with a balanced brush of modesty." To risk, is to free oneself, can only result in seeing what's on the other side".

Hey, I really enjoyed watching this show as it is filmed in Toronto and some interesting stuffs like tonight show when you are experiencing some romance with a woman and things like that. It is nice to see a show that is more open-minded with things that some people are not comfortable. Keep up the good work!! I have changed IT jobs to explore new things and meeting new people and yes, it takes time but you get used to it.

Not to worry Erica, I noticed during last nights episode that you were using Linux on your work laptop. That's a very marketable skill!

please, keep posting! I think its great!!! I just found this blog today and I've been watching the show since day one, but it would be so much fun to see new posts somewhat regularily! I'm a stay-at-home mom, so watching you (Erica) go to work on the show is as close as I get to an office in any given week ^_^

I love this show so much. I've always wanted to watch the show but I got night school and stuff --- the advertisement on the TV is very enticing. But, really I haven't got the time to watch it at its airing time.

I'm glad that you have the show in the internet. I just started watching it yesterday, since yesterday was the start of my available time, both in school and in work. So, I decided to watch the show - finally.

Now, I saw all the episodes! And, I'm excited for more. This is quality programming - I'm glad this is Canadian-produced. Something to be proud about.

I'm with Bianca, the show is great, let's keep the blog updated!

My favourite is being 'in between positions' - from what one was doing to what one will be doing :)

Please get another webcam Erica, we'd all love to hear more from you in your new job especially!


Sydney, Australia

superb show--great writing, good sense of humor blended with serious issues. In the US, v hard to find it online-- I hope the DVD version will come out soon--

I think the show portrays important issues for young adults in a very positive empowering way. Keep up the good work.

Such a clever and entertaining show.


Thank you Thank you Erica Strange, Dr. Tom and the rest.It is so refreshing to see a show about someone's life journey instead of the usual fare. Erica is 30 something and I am 50 something but I see so much of myself in her, both at her age and my age now. I have grown to really love this show and of course Dr. Tom is kind of hot to us ladies of a certain age. Keep on struggling and learning Erica..

I love this show, and loved it before finding out it is loosely based on a university friend's experiences. Would explain why I like you so much, Erica! So what if I topped you by saying that I got fired from Facebook? Apparently I made a terrible, virtual gardener...much like in real life. Sigh...stick to being a mom...definitely underpaid but at least the only "letting go" going on is either toilet humour or my child releasing my hand to avoid being seen with me.

CBC please renew this show for next season! Quirky and fun and the entire cast is great!

i really love this show!!!! erica, jude etc. are such positive representations of women!!!! someone once told me that "you have to see EVERYTHING as an opportunity!"

this might be the only prime time show I have ever watched on the CBC besides the National and I love it!

I love seeing my city, I love the cast and characters, and I love that Erica actually gets a chance to go back and try to change things about her past. I have fantisized about that a million times and made my share of regret lists- seeing that it doesn't turn out how you would expect is great and often hillarious.

Hi Erin
Love you and yur show
Watching u on the Hour-wow-yur hot!
they should have your name up on the wall
not yur character-yur the star-
If yur ever in Regina...
Id love to kiss u as hard as i could-
dinner and ??? as well of course. Anytime
-Im an artist,musician, 51 but fun-and i'm called George-bonne chance! my daughter likes u too but i saw u first-
lol take care;GFE


Love the show! Love the Blog. I miss the video blogs though... :). CBC MUST keep this show going. It's adorable, totally true, and one of the best new Canadian shows in years.

My boyfriend and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show and we tape it faithfully. It quickly became our favourite show, over Grey's Anatomy. Erin Karpluk is adorable and charismatic, how could anyone not love her as zany Erica, with her little swagger? My b/f and I can relate to feeling insecure with our choices in life but even more so, as we are in our 50's. I read that the move from Monday night to Wednesday night hurt ratings. Why won't CBC schedule the show when there is less established competition, so it can grow an audience? If this show were on an American network, it would be the breakout new series of this year. *** CBC better keep this show going! Please pass this message to CBC brass.

Excellent premise & fantastic execution! Brings us all to evaluate our past decisions... and yet realize that we couldn't be who we are without them. I just don't really like Dr Tom's attitude that you can't be nice for nice's sake. I like being nice to others, even though you get kicked by some, most appreciate it right back...and what a better place the world would be if we were all a little nicer!

Please tell me it's not true. Are they really cancelling the show? I love this show. It's the best I look forward to Thrusday night to watch it on soapnet. Please tell me it's not true.

I'm so sad to see this program go. Being Erica is such a breath of fresh air and a show that I really looked forward to every week.
The acting is top-notch and if the economic climate was in a better position, I'm sure Being Erica would've been shown in the United States. I'm crossing my fingers that after the recession, I'll be able to spend my Wednesday nights watching Erica Strange go back in time hoping to change the past and finding a new future. Best of luck to all of the cast!

I was actually called "terminated" once. Jesus.

I hope CBC reconsiders. I'll miss the show. The cast and crew have done a great job.

I've had my "butt unceremoniously downsized" a couple of times. While it was a welcome opportunity to slip into those jeans that I had up-sized out of, it did nothing for my self-esteem.

Oh well, turning the other "cheek" and moving on...

Good luck with your own challenges! BTW... yours is JUST RIGHT!!!

" Corporate Ultra Slim-Fast "

'Nuff Said.