Still Day 15 - Barb and Gary

What is it about wedding preparations that brings out the absolute worst in people?! Seriously. Sam's wedding is months away! But it's not too far away to bring out the ugly in mom. Read on for the latest assault on my sanity:

She keeps putting me through the BARB STRANGE JEWISH INQUISITION. She wants to know if Dad's bringing a date. And if so, what she's wearing, what she looks like, and how she'll be doing her hair... Which I suppose I should be grateful for. Kind of lets me off the hook for a bit. But it's also kind of terrifying. Because I know what's in store for me... any day now it's going to be:

"Erica, who are you bringing to your sister's wedding?" or
"Erica, have you met Dr. Rosenthal's son?" or
"You won't find a date like that - you know blue's not your color."

Comments (3)

this whole looks pretty funny to me! that lead is hilarious, as is the office blond mean lady! more of her!

Im a guy but I totally understand that feeling of making the wrong decesions my whole life. Only wished I met a girl like a you along the way.

Is it me or does Erica need a rude a awakening? LOL! Love Her