Guess what? I.T. guy just finished installing my new webcam... why they are giving everyone in the company webcams is beyond me, but it's apparently very important. I, however, am going to turn the inexplicable into the INCREDIBLE by using it to try videoblogging. This way you'll know what's going on in my life. Since you never seem to call anymore. Hint.

Anyway - stay tuned...

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You have very cute eyebrows. Most guys can't relate to eyebrows. But I do. And yours are very cute. I mean that in a nice way.

Hi Erin/ Erica . We love the humourous webisodes and are anxious to meet and view Erica in her weekly segment.

I love You

I agree with Susan Rowan - this is great and definitely excites me more for the actual TV series. Hope you continue videoblogging when the show starts!

I can't wait till the first episode!It's going to be awsome!

A charismatic actor (even in Dark Angel Season Two). The story should crackle and the dialogue should throw sparks for this kind of Canadian talent--sure hope it does.

NICE SHOW! Just watched the first episode. This looks like it's going to be fun. Most of us would like a chance to do -over something in our lives.
Strong cast, strong writing, straight forward approach on a really pleasing quirky twist.

LOVE the Show!!!

I am much older than 30 something. This show has depth and a lot of truth. I will be tuning in each Monday. Great writing, great acting, great fun, great food for thought. Erica is superb!

Just would like to say that I don't usually watch these shows but you caught my eye and you are a beautiful woman trapped in a more beautiful woman's body.

This show looks to be a great hit and keep up the good work Erica/Erin/CBC.

Go Canada!

Erin is an exceptional talent and pefectly cast. Great job everyone.

Congratulations Erin!!!! Good to see another JJSHS grad makin' it in the world! Keep it up!

Ever since Street Legal ended I haven't really found anything "Canadian" worth watching on TV...that is until now! I love this show and I hope the powers that be keep it around for a long time!

Ever since the WGA strike temporally disrupted my viewing habits last year- or was that two years ago?- I find myself watching CBC more often. Being Erica is officially my FAVOURITE show on television! I've got quite the cult building up at school... Okay so at the moment it consists of me and Spikey BUT have no fear I will get more. Evil Plan of the Year: Make five people watch and fall in love with the show just like I have.

Being Erica is such a sweet show, I love it!

I just watched the first three episodes on line and it made me think about myself. Hopefully I can meet somebody like the main character Erica. I myself am just about the polar opposite of her needing everbdoy's approval inorder to making a good improession, I myself could really care less and end up being myself. Dr Tom, I like his philosophizing. He gets really deep. You may have possibly re-kindled my hopes in romance.

i lloooovvveee being erica i have been waiting for a show like this for years!!
it is actually a show that can realate to real life (exept for the going back in the thing :P)
i cant wait to see more episodes!
by the way whats up with cbc they're not showing episode 104...

Yes, I completely agree!!! This is the best Canadian TV series I have ever seen on television. Being Erica is down to earth, riveting and fresh! It keeps me glued to my seat...even sneaking away for a glass of water must be pondered long and hard because I don't want to miss a second of it. Kudos to the writers, producers, directors, etc.!!!
I hope this show lasts forever!!

I am very excited about Canadian Television. There are are a few shows that I actually look forward to during the week - right now they are all Canadian. Being Erica, Heartland and CBC Sunday. Well....I also watch Californication (obviously not Canadian - but a great show). I am a 30+ married female, and I am encouraging others to watch Being Erica. The cast is fantastic and the story lines are humourous. Keep up the great work. Hope the new Wednesday time slot works well for you all. I'll be sure to tune in!

We just discovered this program. We both really enjoy it and wish you and this program every success. It is great to see a Canadian program with such great production values, great acting and and great writing. Awesome, keep it up. We are downloading each episode on iTunes.

Love the show, religiously watching! The best (english) canadian show ever, and the only (english) canadian show I ever watched. Original, fresh & very impresive actors. Keep up the good work! :)

We don't know what we would do without this show. It is the greatest thing the CBC has had on offer in a while.

I've watched your program from day one. One of the best on CBC. I must add that given the past performances of the CBC, (I'm 59 yrs.) your show is an oasis in what has often a been wasteland. My rating, #1: Being Erica. #2: Wild Roses. 3: Border, (when available.) 4: Heartland. #5: Little Mosque on the Prairie.
Love; a faithful watcher. xxx-ooo

I love this show. It is so refreshing to watch a show that isn't a "Reality Show" My daughter and I watch every week. You have great morals to your stories and I hope my daughter is catching on to that. You have touched on so many topics that a lot of people have been through...including me. It is great that everything is local I live not too far away and it's great to see the Toronto skyline. Once again... we LOVE your show and hope it is on for a really long time.....

I think it's so cute how this blog entry starts off with "Ethan!" :D

I hope CBC keeps with this show, I just got hooked on it and finished 9 episodes in 2 days! I am loving it when I recognize the places in Toronto that Being Erica's filmed in. AND I think I may have walked by the set last summer when there was filming at the Red Room on College Street!! :D

i only adore this show. but your girl judith has got to get a BETTER weave. she is making sistas look WILD though posed and articulate are she may be!! help!

I've been sick all weekend, and the thing that has been brightening my miserable days is this wonderful show. It's authentic, charming and toally relatable - well done CBC!

I love this show!!
I'm soo hooked on it. I'm trying to watch the 13'th episode right now but the channel is having technical difficulties. No sound! it's killing me!