I've been poked. 12 times in the past hour. The first time it happened, I poked back. Just to say: "hey, how are ya?". But then they just started flooding in. I mean, it's every few minutes. And I'm getting it from every angle! I'm getting gang poked! Seriously Ethan, should I be worried? What if it gets around that I'm the office pokee. Or that I asked for it? Because I swear I wasn't looking for anything more than the casual wall posting now and then! Maybe the occasional message! But this is too much! I just want things to go back to how they were, before the poking ever began. I never should have gotten involved with co-workers!

p.s. Gonna "friend" Noah Lafleur from high school... get my mind off this mess.

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Erica! Do NOT friend Noah. Obsessing over your highschool ex-boyfriend when you're 32 and single is not a good idea. Just sayin'.

Dear Erica,
I understand your frustration over virtual *poke* attacks, you see, as the LAST person among my college friends to join the universal geeky mob squad that exists on facebook I to have been the victim of mass pokings.
Being peer pressured into joining this cult I often wonder what life would have been like had I of been the brave one to say 'NO!' ... such humiliation from contacted and contacting ex's, false hopes, virtual stalkers and fake coworker friendships could have all been avoided.
But, now I spend endless evening hours addictivly waiting for someone to update photos, notes, or status comments just to feel included in the virtual world that has taken over my life and all my spare time, study time, and sleep time.

With strength and hope,

Erica, it wasn't a good idea to have invited co-workers to have access to your personal life. Especially that lovely lady in the next cubicle. Anyway, here is my advice to you, now that you've put yourself out there in the FB world; don't take it too seriously. People poke, it's only natural. As for 'friending' Noah, go for it girl! It's always nice to hear from an old friend.

poke me I am on facebook too


I believe Sarah speaks with a lot of wisdom on this whole matter. Faceboook is an insidious group with no purpose other than to simultaneously control and ruin your life. I resisted the urge to join Facebook for years, but was finally convinced through the numerous events I was invited to by friends. Within 4 hours of joining, I was bombarded with messages from friends from high school and college over 1,000 miles away. I'm pretty sure that is a 1,000,000 km for you canadians on the metric system ; P. After deciding to delete info about my personal life for fear that Facebook stalkers were closing in, I received 2 emails in under an hour. Apparently, deleting "in a relationship" tells everyone that you are "no longer in a relationship". "Friends" who I never talk to sent messages of shock and sympathy to a non-existant breakup at 2 in the morning no less!!! It's a brave new world out there, be careful.

John Kowalczyk
Rochester, NY

P.S. Susan Fischer is a common name and no one can poke you if you don't give them more info.