Day 8 - My collection

Post It Collection

No video today. A whole lot of executive-types from head office are snooping around. Everyone's freaking out.

Instead, I leave you with a small sample of my growing collection of helpful suggestions from Vair. Enjoy!

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I'm soooo looking forward to the show!
I'm an online dater and work in an office,aka hell with floresant lighting!
THis might be the next sex and the city... ;p

:-( Stupid Vair and executives. At least you have a hilarious collection of her incredibly useful suggestions! :-) I'll be looking forward to a video no Day 9 Erica!

The previews from the show make it seem like she goes back in time to high school, so I hope it wouldn't be like sex and the city!

Her handwriting is incredibly even. Or did she actually print those out on sticky notes? It wouldn't surprise me either way.

oh my... ever seen invasion of the body snatchers? ... she doesn't seem to be human... just throwing that out there.