Day 7 - Online Dating. Still.

The continuing adventures...

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He'll probably turn out to be a pet dentist. They have those, right?

Ok this show was created for me!! I'm in Erica's shoes. I feel her pain (literally)

ohnonononono erica!
DO NOT online date!!! it always turns out badly and akward and wierd!!!! ALWAYS!
ok so heres what you do:
1. YOUR NOT DESPERATE your... browsing
2. BE OPEN ya that guy who gives you coffee who checks you out and you thought about him once then forgot because you spilled your coffee on your brand new shoes...hes actually very nice
3. BE CONFIDENT do you realise how many guys are out there??? TONS it has to happen eventually, its impossible for it not to like scientificly impossible

Knights in shining armor more then less turn out to be losers in aluminum foil :P

That is such a wonderful "quote" Missy. Can I use it? My knights in shining armor always turned out to be losers in aluminum foil!