Day 6 - Online Dating?

Putting myself out there. Yep. Here I go.

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Erica is totally hot, and she can act! Can't wait til monday night to see the show
How about a contest around epi6 with the prize being a date with Erica? Hope she likes older men?

I can't get this video to play! Takes forever to load and then there is no audio. Sigh.

She is hilarious!
I just love the show, can't wait to see more. Just hoping CBC is already planning the 2nd season and that we are going to be able to keep in touch with Erica through the blog between season one and two!

Yes, I am glad I am married and Erica reminds me of why I escaped that bittersweet roller coaster of digital dating. Online for only 4 months, I grabbed the first overseas girl who wrote me without a picture on her profile, so less exposure was her allure. The show is full of so many of our collective experiences. Keep it alive CBC!!!

how can a girl get anymore depressing?
i sure as h___ hope i dont get to the place she is for sure im pretty sure id kill myself first :P
ps i like the show...wow its depressign that i like it...oh god im heading down her road already :(