Day 5 - Vair-y Scary

I work with the passive-aggressive princess of darkness.

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Omg heyyyy!!! It's so cool that you have a blog going now! I bumped into Ethan the other day and told him how I haven't seen you in forever.........so its nice to catch up on your life via your cool new web cam experience! Your office looks like a real riot....lol. Anyway maybe we can grab coffee sometime or something. Ttyl! Byeee

Like a lullaby.

Is Vair not the woman from the commercial with the husband who buys the dancing Christmas tree?

She looks like the wife of the 'handy man' in the commercial for how easy installing HD is... she plugs it in, he has his tools, and the drill in his hands.


I am already liking this show. I try to follow the pre-quels as my time allows. First - the actress picked for the major role is fantastic. Second - the supporting actress (Vair) (very good too by the way - enjoying her work on several commercials) will bring a lot of hilarious situations. If you have worked in an office for more than a week, you know someone like Vair (or someone who shares some of her traits). I can't wait for the show to begin!

The first time I saw Vair in a commercial was the one where the couple is on vacation in a foreign country looking for souvenirs and the lady offers them a small "worry" doll to which they try to reply that they have "grande" worries. It is soooo hilarious! Wonderfully funny!

Hey!I'm completely addicted to your shows!

This one is my favourite. Can't wait till the premiere!


Is that a partially eaten apple that Vair picks up off your desk?

lol Erica you are sooooooo funny!