Day 4 - Speed Dating

Speed Dating

No video post today. Something is being (rather excessively IMHO) jackhammered outside. Went speed dating with Judith. Click through to find out the exciting details...

Okay, so I was supposed to go with Jenny. I had signed up with Jenny. In fact, it was Jenny's idea!!! But... Jenny bailed on me at the last minute because she had an actual slow date. Anyway, thankfully Judith was willing to take her place. Just another reason why I love Jude. I mean, she's in a healthy solid relationship... and yet she'll still put herself through dating hell for me.

Have you been to one of these things, Ethan? They. Are. Horrible. I mean, it's like putting yourself through 17 job interviews... consecutively! And where are the men? There were 32 women there and 17 men! One... gentleman, Arthur, was 72 years old. He was into gin rummy, aged cheeses, and Rodney Dangerfield... He was by far the catch of the night. You know what, Ethan, I'm trying. I really am. And I guess if 72-year-old Arthur's still at it, then maybe I shouldn't complain at 32, right?

...or maybe I should be very very worried.

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I would refer to this more as speed deleting than dating.

Maybe the multiple cats, rocking chair and crocheting would be attractive ;)