Day 2 - This is what I'm dealing with here...

Ethan. I told you that sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. This is why.

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who is this girl?

All I know is that she's SO cute...

So funny. I think this is "so" funny.

I understand how you feel... exactly the same thing is happening to me.

Okay, so I didn't start at the beginning. Well, it was my beginning but it wasn't your beginning. I used to live next door to the life sucking black whole of which you speak. Okay, now I'm off to start at the beginning.

This looks like an interesting show, I'm proud to be from Jasper.

You have killer heels!!

Wow, I really enjoying this website with the videos and watching your show!! Keep up the good work!! And yes, I find her very attractive!!

cute shoes!!