Day 16 - Cake Wreck

Why, Ethan? Why?

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Oh no!!! Awwwwwww.... :( Erica, if I were you, I wouldn't rule out sabotage on Veir's part. It's just a thought.

Oh my god, how horrible!

And I'm so sorry Erica, but I have to say that I haven't laughed that hard in a while. And death to Vair!!!!!!

Cubicle dwellers unite!

I watched this at my dads work and laughed like I've never laughed before, needless to say he thought I was senile. I remember being at my cousins wedding inhaling helium. It hurt my lungs... my cousins thought it was funny though. That's what I'm here for. Keep on Keepin' On :P

Thank you Erica; for being you!
Thank God for making a woman like Erin.
Now if only I were 20 years younger!
Does that make me a dirty old man?
I sure hope so!

Ok that co-worker is hilarious!!!

I almost need someone like that in the cubicle next to mine... do you rent her out?

How else do we stay on task?


Hi~ I live in South Korea. My name is hea rim Yi.
Yesterday I watched your soap opera(drama) on internet.
Very interesting~ and I want ep.4
But How can I watching your program?
ㅜ.ㅜ I hope your program in Korea.
Please ~~ Anyway Happy birthday~
cake looks good~~ except "Dirty"
I'm so sorry about a word.
Good night~ oh~!! Good morning~ and Have a nice day~
Good bye~~