Day 15 - A second date?

I'm going for it, baby!

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My favourite so far. Mostly because of the victory dance wipe-out, lol!

The wipe-out was pretty classic. :)

why do you have the same thing on as the previous day?? did your date really go that well?

hahaha miriam, I was thinking about the same thing too!

Ouch :P By the way, now I have Blueberry watching. LOVE IT!!! Oh and Lemon...

Erica, Erica, Erica, typically you have such great taste in clothes, but I am now worried as you have worn that same outfit for three days nows. Oh, and that pink number is getting a little tired too! Perhaps you should sink some of the hard earned cash on a new outfit, otherwise, I imagine a new hot pink post-it may be coming your way: A good dresser knows how to mix and match.

girl, your so crazy. I love the fall at the end. : )