Day 13 - Barb's Birthday

No video today. Feeling sick. It was mom's birthday yesterday. I had the bright idea of having Sam and her over for dinner. Read on, if you dare...

Last year we went to this great tapas place. Mom couldn't rave about it enough. So I thought it might be fun to recreate it. Y'know, the home-cooked version. Sam always takes mom to fancy places... But Sam's a neurosurgeon!!!.. She has that luxury. I just really thought that this could be more meaningful for a change.

I poisoned my mother. I mean, I poisoned all of us. But there's just something really dark about giving your mom food poisoning on her birthday. I know it was an accident but I've just been feeling so guilty. What if, subconsciously, I tried to poison her? I mean, with Sam's wedding coming up, she's been on my case a lot...

So I googled it. Listen to this: "New studies reveal a subconscious brain that is far more active, independent, and purposeful than previously known." What if my subconscious went momentarily insane?! What kind of daughter am I?! In retrospect, I can't help but question my choices. I mean, for God sakes, why else would I make squid?

Comments (2)

omg dear god erica why ??? we all know that you love barb as much as your sister.People get stressed some times , but it there's one person to poison it's that passive-aggressive beast VAIR !!!!
Any one agree ???

Initially I agreed with poisoning the Beast Vair. But I have to admit...she makes me laugh my ass off! I know it must be awful to work with her every day but oh lawdy lawdy....I crack up each time you share something crazy about her! Just when I think things couldn't get any weirder....you bring another video. Please....don't kill off Vair?? Keep her around for our sake? So selfish of me, I know. I'll go beat myself now for being so rude and selfish.