Day 12 - Reading Series

Maybe I should start a book club. Or something.

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Erica, here is my own personal "drive your co-worker crazy" trick:
While Vain is gone for a few minutes (to remove her stick), go on her computer settings and change her computer mouse to a lefty's.... minutes and minutes of fun watching her figure out what's wrong with her computer! Enjoy ;o)

Karina's got a good idea there~ Or even better, if she's running the right version of Windows XP, you can press Alt and the up arrow key to flip her screen upside down. :)

bit of work, but take a screen capture of her desktop (PrtScr key), paste it into paint, save the image, set it as the background, then right click the desktop > arrange icons by > uncheck "show desktop icons"..

I think Erica should come visit the new Art Gallery of Ontario! Maybe she can bring her new guy.