Day 1 With My New Webcam

Here we go!

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Tags for style???Erin/Erica....you go girl...I can't wait for this to start...angst in the modern age...and at any age , this could be any of us...well not me..I am retired...but anyone else...Angie

Heh heh heh. This is my third installment of Erica's video blog and I think she's off to a great start. She must have moved there from Winnipeg right?!

Who's Ethan?

Caught the premiere last night...freaking loved it! Even though I'm in my early 40s, and have the trappings of success I have the same angst/regrets. And yes, I play the "what if" game too often.

You're awesome Erica/Erin! My wish is that someone like you enters my life this year!

haha I love this series like sooo much oh my goodness it is sooo cool parlty because my name is erika and parlty because well lol I am really strange but this makes some good t.v :) love it!!!

I spent my Xmas holidays watching the commercials for your new show. Wow! Someone paid a lot of money to have it air every 2 seconds! However, it caught my attention and I decided to tune in on January 5th to see what it was all about. Now, I'm hooked! Thanks!

Just like Lynn, I was bombarded by commercials of this show and I just had to see the premiere. It was fantastic! Erin Karpluk is a great actress and I love Dr. Tom and his perpetual quotes. By the way, Erica's co-worker there, Veir, I've seen her in a couple of Roger's advertisements. Look closely, you'll see the resemblance!

I love this show.