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Meet the Beavers

Eight years ago a female beaver named Pollux and her mate arrived at the maze of waterways at the Eco-Odyssée Park in Gatineau, Quebec. They dammed up one of the streams and built an enormous lodge and settled in. For six years they lived doing what beavers do: eating their favourite food, poplar trees, keeping their dam in good repair and building additional lodges.

Then tragedy struck. Pollux's mate was found floating in one of the streams one spring morning by Michel Leclair, the owner and operator of Eco-Odyssée, leaving Pollux and her daughter Boulotte alone in the lodge.

Happily two years ago, both mother and daughter found mates. A young male beaver named Peluche came into the area and teamed up with Boulotte. Some time later, Pollux was seen with a new mate - a much smaller beaver by the name of Castor. The new couples went to work and began to produce babies.

Last spring, Castor and Pollux had one kit - now named Amik. Peluche and Boulette also started a family - two yearlings that Michel has yet to give names to. Last summer the beaver family was also joined by an eighth member (as yet unnamed). And just one month ago, Peluche and Boulette welcomed a new set of triplets, called Pax, Amie and Moxie!

JUNE 2015 UPDATE: Boulotte, Peluche, Pollux and Castor have moved onto a new location. But the good news is that some of Boulette's triplets (Pax, Amie and Moxie) have stayed on and are expecting babes of their own! According to Michel Leclair, the families are doing well! He says that it's quite common for the older, more mature beavers to move on to new digs leaving their old home for the youngsters. It's quite likely that they'll return for a visit sometime over the summer too.

GlynnisWe have names!
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