The Beaver Whisperers Live
Thursday, Sept 26 at 8 p.m.

Watch the Beavers

We'll now be offering live streaming via Ustream. Click on the player above to visit the Eco-Odyssey website where the streaming is now located. Please note that these cameras are located in the wilderness and are suspectible to weather conditions so they are unavailable from time to time.

Fall is a very busy time for Boulotte and Peluche, their two yearlings and the new triplets. They're busy eating as much as they can, building a new lodge and storing a cache of food to eat all winter. We haven't seen Pollux or Castor yet, but perhaps they will soon be back too!

See some photos of the beaver nursery and site taken during the summer of 2013.

The cameras will occasionally go down as the batteries wear out and need replacing. Michel and his team at Eco-Odyssée are dropping by regularly to maintain the camera feed. If nothing is happening, you can see highlights from our nursery cam.

Read more about our Gatineau beavers and see their habitat.

GlynnisWe have names!
Announcing our triplets...Pax, Ami and Moxie! Read more viewer suggestions here.
Glynnis Follow the twitter feed of Michel Leclair, owner and operator of Eco-Odyssée in Gatineau, Quebec.