The Beaver Whisperers Live
Thursday, Sept 26 at 8 p.m.

Beaver Habitat

The beaver habitat is located in Eco-Odyssée -- 200 hectacres of land that comprises a 30 hectacre marsh, agricultural fields and rolling mountains accentuated by mixed forest just outside the town of Wakefield, Québec.

Michel LeClair, former Animal Conservation Officer with Gatineau National Park, created Wild Animal S.O.S. whose principal goal is to manage the beaver population, habitat and marsh. His 25 years of working alongside the beaver inspired him to create a water labyrinth comprising 64 intersections spread over 6.4 km., providing the beavers the perfect environment to build their lodges and dams, which control the water levels in the marsh.

Our beaver family lives in two lodges: the main lodge belongs to Castor and Pollux and their offspring, and the other belongs to Boulotte and Peluche and their family. The Beaver Cam provides a glimpse into the daily goings on within the main lodge, indicated on the map.

COMING SOON: Take a tour of the park by interacting with our series of 360 panoramas. There will be eight scenes in all - learn about beavers and visit the park - without getting your feet dirty!

Map of Eco-Odyssée


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