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British Columbia Votes 2005,  Voting Day May 17, 2005
BC Legislature

Election Colombie-britannique 2005
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Results are not official until Elections BC has reviewed the results, which usually takes several days.
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Carole James NDP 15020 57.01% X
Jeff Bray LIB 8135 30.88%
John William Miller GRN 2783 10.56%
David McCaig DR 172 0.65%
Benjamin McConchie IND 121 0.46%
Ingmar Lee IND 115 0.44%
 Last Update:  May 18, 12:49:53 AM PDT 161 of 161 polls reporting

Victoria-Beacon Hill

2005 Candidates (as received from Elections B.C.):

  • Jeff Bray, BC Liberal Party
  • Carole James, New Democratic Party of B.C.
  • Ingmar Lee, Independent
  • David McCaig, DR BC
  • Benjamin McConchie, Independent
  • John William Miller, Green Party of BC

Zoom in on Victoria-Beacon Hill

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Districts Profile:

This riding occupies the south half of Victoria, bordered on the south by the ocean, on the east by the Oak Bay municipal boundary, on he west by the Esquimalt municipal boundary, and on the north in part by Bay Street and Pandora Avenue. The riding contains a range of service industries and light manufacturing, and public administration and politics are key as well. At $59,287, the average family earns less than the B.C. average, but unemployment is lower than average, at eight per cent. Nearly 28 per cent of the populace holds a university degree, making this B.C.'s 10th-best-educated riding. Immigrants form 22 per cent of the population while another 20 per cent are seniors – the province's fifth-highest proportion.

Political History:

The incumbent in Victoria-Beacon Hill is Liberal Jeff Bray. Unlike almost every other B.C. Liberal in the 2001 election, his win was a squeaker: he polled just 35 more votes than Carole James of the NDP. Preceding Bray here was Gretchen Brewin of the New Democrats. She gained office in 1991 with a 3,505-vote win over Liberal Karen Bill, and retained her seat five years later by repelling Howard Markson, also a Liberal, by 4,324 votes. Prior to 1991 this area was part of the old Victoria riding, a two-member district. MLAs included Socred William Chant (1953-72), Socred W.M. Skillings (1960-72), Socred Newell Morrison (1972-75), Liberal David Anderson (1972-75), Socred Sam Bawlf (1975-79), New Democrat Charles Barber (1975-83), New Democrat Gord Hanson (1979-91) and New Democrat Robin Blencoe (1983-91).

In 2001, the voter turnout in Victoria-Beacon Hill was 68.6 per cent – somewhat below the provincial average.



District Profiles

 Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 46 0 46 46.03%
NDP 33 0 33 41.27%
GRN 0 0 0 9.11%
DR 0 0 0 .84%
OTH 0 0 0 2.76%
 Last Update June 1, 5:11:20 PM PDT



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