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British Columbia Votes 2005,  Voting Day May 17, 2005
BC Legislature

Election Colombie-britannique 2005
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Results are not official until Elections BC has reviewed the results, which usually takes several days.
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Kevin Falcon LIB 15734 61.66% X
Ted Allen NDP 7332 28.73%
Pierre Rovtar GRN 2130 8.35%
Joseph Vollhoffer DR 323 1.27%
 Last Update:  May 18, 12:50:23 AM PDT 160 of 160 polls reporting


2005 Candidates (as received from Elections B.C.):

  • Ted Allen, New Democratic Party of B.C.
  • Kevin Falcon, BC Liberal Party
  • Pierre Rovtar, Green Party of BC
  • Joseph Vollhoffer, DR BC

Zoom in on Surrey-Cloverdale

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Districts Profile:

This riding occupies the southeast corner of Surrey, running from the U.S. border in the south to 80th Avenue in the north, and from Boundary Bay in the west to 196th Street in the east. The northern part of the riding contains industrial areas, while elsewhere there are residential subdivisions and farmlands. Retail trade and manufacturing are the major employers, contributing to an average family income that, at $81,234, is the province's 10th-highest, and a rock-bottom unemployment rate of 4.6 per cent – B.C.'s lowest. Immigrants account for 21 per cent of the population; among notable ethnicities, nine per cent are German, seven per cent Dutch, six per cent South Asian and five per cent Chinese.

Political History:

The incumbent in Surrey-Cloverdale is Liberal Kevin Falcon, the minister of transportation. In 2001 he collected six times the votes of runner-up Steve Oakley of the NDP. The incumbent, Bonnie McKinnon, ran as an independent – having lost the party nomination to Falcon – and finished fourth in the six-way race. McKinnon, in turn, had won her seat in 1996 by the same means – defeating the previous Liberal incumbent, Ken Jones, in the nomination battle, and then enjoying a 5,466-vote margin over New Democrat Charan Gill in the general election. Jones had also defeated Gill in 1991. Before that, the NDP and the Socreds fought for this turf, which was part of the old Surrey riding. New Democrat Ernie Hall was the MLA from 1966-75, before being unseated by Socred (and eventual premier) Bill Vander Zalm. In 1979, however, this became a two-member riding, and both Hall and Vander Zalm were elected. Four years later the Socreds got both seats, with wins by (eventual premier) Rita Johnston and Bill Reid. In 1986 the Surrey riding was split up, with Bill Reid winning in what became called Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale.

In 2001, the voter turnout in Surrey-Cloverdale was 75.5 per cent – the seventh highest in the province.



District Profiles

 Overall Election Results
Party Elected Leading Total Vote Share
LIB 46 0 46 46.03%
NDP 33 0 33 41.27%
GRN 0 0 0 9.11%
DR 0 0 0 .84%
OTH 0 0 0 2.76%
 Last Update June 1, 5:11:20 PM PDT



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