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British Columbia Votes 2005,  Voting Day May 17, 2005
BC Legislature

Election Colombie-britannique 2005
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12 Questions 12 Questions
12 questions for our B.C.'s parties' leaders. See how each of them responds by clicking each question and picture of each leader. (Flash presentation)
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Premiers on Parade Premiers on Parade
Our gallery lists all of B.C.’s premiers, with brief descriptions of their achievements while in power. (Flash presentation)
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Grey Power Grey Power
A look at how some B.C. seniors are mobilizing for self-education on election issues.
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1991 Debate

1991 debate
How an unscripted moment can turn the tide on election day.
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STV The Single Transferable Vote referendum
Find out about this perplexing referendum issue and see how it worked in our Ice Cream Election!
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Senate Election By the numbers
By Aaron Spitzer | April 18, 2005
Statistics on voter turnout and election history.
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Election Dictionary Election Dictionary
By CBC News | April 13, 2005
An election dictionary of Canadian political terms.
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28 Days

28 Days
Hosted by Stephen Quinn, 28 Days aims to give voters a transparent look at the issues by going beyond the traditional rhetoric. Airing Saturdays from 8 to 9 am on CBC Radio One, listeners can expect a smart, edgy, and entertaining show that offers a healthy dose of skepticism.
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How the West  is Won How the West is won: A half-century of B.C. elections
By CBC Archives | April 13, 2005
British Columbia has a proud tradition of bare-knuckle, drag-'em-out election campaigns. No other province can match B.C.'s flamboyant leaders, its salacious scandals and the trench warfare between free-enterprisers and socialists. Many of the hard-fought victories ended in resignation. CBC Archives takes a look back at campaign highlights from 1952 to 2001.
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