From the Ground Up

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The race is on to get B.C.'s natural gas to Asian markets. There are some big promises, unlike anything we've seen before in terms of jobs and revenues for government. It's a modern day gold rush, and like all gold rushes, there will be grand predictions, and there will be hard reality.

BC Almanac Host Mark Forsythe travelled to the north east of B.C., to speak with producers, and the people who live there. 


We begin the series in the north eastern corner of BC. This is where the gas would be extracted, processed and sent through pipelines, yet to be built, to the coast. That's where the gas would be cooled at massive plants, then loaded aboard ships bound for Asian markets.

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Can BC build an LNG industry, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time? And do so with minimal environmental damage? In the second part of this series, we start in the Peace River area, to hear what people are saying in the region where the gas comes from. 

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Why is this a good time to take LNG into new markets? What are the economics at play? We head back to the northeast corner of our province, to Fort Nelson, where the gas is waiting to be pumped.

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We look at the promises and how they play out at the local and provincial level, starting in the the far north where any new pipeline to the coast would begin.

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