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February 2013 Archives

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Sea Lion play

Gordon Lamont was diving near Hornby Island and took some fun photos of local Sea Lions. "The Sea Lions are all young adults and interact with divers just like a pack of puppies - except that they are wild animals weighing approximately 300 lbs. They explore with their whiskers and mouths, and will often "gang up" on a lucky diver in a group of 10 or more! There are hundreds of them on the island which they would guard ferociously if people tried to land. In the water, they don't see divers as a threat (provided we don't get too close to the island) at all and seem to use as entertainment. They can get a bit boisterous but at no time threatening - not even when chewing on my head!" See more on the Listeners' Lens.

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Lunar New Year

CBC joined thousands of people lining the streets of Chinatown for the annual Lunar New Year parade.
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My Sweet Valentine

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Backcountry paradise

Jim Cooperman sends this shot from Sol Mountain in the Monashees. It earns him the B.C. Almanac coffee mug -- to help him warm up. Check out his video and other listeners' photos on the Listeners Lens.
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...and the winning Phrase Watch entry is...

Joe Varesi of Williams Lake earns a copy of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary:

You know, at this point in time, I would be more happy if less people, you know, used annoying expressions. You know, it would be more nice and very fun if at the end of the day everyone spoke real good. Personally, you know, in my opinion I think that some reporters and announcers should, you know, set an example. I mean, it's like even some CBC staff don't, you know? Even seen that professors and public figures interviewed on call-in shows, you know, speak bad. You know, I mean, no problem, but it's like not cool, you know?