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B.C. Almanac Phrase Watch: Great Prize too!!


We've been gathering phrases heard in everyday conversation -- and the media -- that should be banished. Without further ado (sorry), some of the many suggestions from listeners are listed below:

Moving forward (very popular with politicians)
As of yet (how about now?)
Really unique (either it is or it isn't)
Let me be perfectly clear (see above politicians)
Iconic (it seems everything is iconic these days)
Almost without exception (is it or isn't it?)
6 AM in the morning (redundancy department)
At this point in time (= now)
We control our own destiny (sports speak)
Begs the question (you mean raises the question)
For all intents and purposes (banish)
No problem (didn't think it was a problem)
Reaching out to (phrase of the week?)
It's like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (opposition party members give it a rest)
Conscious decision (as opposed to an unconscious decision?)
The fact of the matter (usually someone's opinion)
Between you and I (you and me)

Send yours to: almanac@cbc.ca

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Full Circle: CBC in Victoria

CBC Radio has just moved into the CHEK Media Centre in Victoria. CBC built this complex back in the 1970s but following budget cuts didn't have enough funds to operate the facility. Sarah Towle and Shelagh Rogers point to the CBC logo stamped into the concrete in a stairwell. (It's backwards.)
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Today's photo: Sointula Sunset

Wendy Davis sends this splendid shot for the Listeners' Lens.
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Sublime East Coast

One of  Chris Hadfield's latest shots from the International Space Station: "Canada's east coast, so vividly joined to the sea." Watch his Tweets @Cmdr.Hadfield
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The fog creeps in

Near Fort Langley. Photo Mark Forsythe
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Drop the puck already

This is what happens when you walk anywhere near our CBC Communications team -- they dress you up and start snapping.
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Red Sails in the Sunrise

The view from Waterfront Station this morning.
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Victoria from space

Chris Hadfield's photo of Victoria from the Space Station. He advises us to take tea at the Empress and take a walk through Butchart Gardens. Follow his posts on Twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield
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Pond hockey, eh?

The boys were out on Christmas Day for pond hockey in Telegraph Creek. Thanks to Robin Klassen. Note the foamy goalie pads & hand-made blocker.