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Anti-Bullying Day


These two fellows from Rhodes Wellness College were on the streets of downtown Vancouver early this morning getting the message out: Bullying Stops Here. We'll be discussing bullying with Lisa Pedrini, manager of social responsibility and diversity with Vancouver School Board.
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Sleeping volcano: Mount Baker

A run along the Fort-to-Fort Trail in the Fraser Valley has its rewards -- the late afternoon glow of Mount Baker.
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Listeners' Lens on photographer Brad Hill

Brad Hill is an internationally acclaimed nature photographer from the Columbia Valley who'll  join us Tuesday to talk photography from a creative and technical point of view. He's also lead moderator with the Wildlife Gallery of the Nature Photographer's Network, and over the last three years has critiqued over 4,000 images. Brad will take your calls Tuesday February 28th after 12:30 pm.
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Freda Diesing

The late Haida artist Freda Diesing carved this pole that stands in  Moose Tot Park in Prince Rupert.
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Oil on the Water


B.C. Almanac travelled to Prince Rupert last Thursday and Friday for a look at the regional economy and the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and oil tanker proposal. You can listen to our special Oil on the Water here.
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Rupert Here I Come

Oil on the water. I'll be in Prince Rupert for the next two days to bring BC Almanac listeners stories about economic prospects in the Northwest and more coverage on the Northern Gateway hearings. If there were an oil spill off the North Coast, what would an emergency response look like?

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Happy Flag Day

The flag on the hillside above the ranching community of Falkland is a lot bigger than it appears from the highway. At 8.5 metres by 17 metres it's the largest Canadian flag you'll find in the west. (A 700 metre long extension cord helps illuminate it at night.) On Wednesday we'll be asking: what do immigrants need to do to be good citizens? And do we do enough to help immigrants fit in?

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Welcome to Canada

Pearson International, Toronto.
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The vines of time

Last week I visited my grandparents' farm in Ontario where I learned to drive aboard this W-6 tractor. More photos in Mark's gallery here. And check out this loving tribute to a Rossland tractor by Scotty Carlson.