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Coda: So long Gary


Recording engineer Gary Heald is leaving CBC Radio after 37 years of recording some of Canada's finest musicians and various programs, including Double Exposure. This is Gary at his final recording session at the Studio One Jazz Club. Here's to life post-CBC. We'll miss you Gary!  (Photo: Phillip Ditchburn)
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Ready for Canada Day


Yvette is from Mexico and learning English in Vancouver. She hopes to return to her home country soon to teach an English kindergarten class. For now she's helping us say, "Happy Canada Day!"

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Altered Laws

CBC Producer Grant Rowledge listens as Altered Laws warms up for a set at CBC later this evening. The free Studio One Jazz Series is part of the annual Vancouver International Jazz Festival and a big hit.  I get to introduce the band, put my feet up and listen to some great musicians: Tom Keenlyside, Miles Black, Rene Worst and Bernie Arai.
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Free as a bird

Agassiz Exit. Mount Cheam is the highest peak in this part of the Fraser Valley and a favourite launch site for paragliders.  About a dozen were riding thermals yesterday then landing in a field beside the Trans Canada Highway.
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The IGA grocery store in Fort Langley burned to the ground after a botched burglary in January. Now the Lee family is ready to rebuild. Last night they put their plans up for public discussion before seeking permit approval from the Township. The Fort hasn't been the same since the fire, and the local hardware store recently closed its doors for good.
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Two Lindas


As MPs debate whether to order Canada Post staff back to work, these two Lindas appear to be keeping their spirits up on the picket line. There were on the pavement this morning at the main post office on Georgia Street which is still showing signs of wear from the Stanley Cup riots of last week.
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2nd Day of Summer


Catching rays at the Vancouver Public Library on this second day of summer. While it lasts. 

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Summer in THE FORT


Mark lives in Fort Langley, and publishes a non-profit newspaper about local history, people and recreational opportunities. Have a read of the new summer issue here - then come for a visit to the Birthplace of B.C.
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Post riot messages


The hoarding that covered broken windows at the HBC is coming down today. The riots of last Wednesday drew pointed messages, some declaring real hockey fans don't riot and this is not the Vancouver citizens want the world to know. 

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Marine Building




Each time I walk past the Marine Building I feel the need to snap another photo. The intricate art deco design is fascinating with its marine life, ships, biplanes and zeppelins, telling the story of a coastal city flexing its muscles in 1930. Step inside the foyer to see five brass elevators that used to be the fastest in the city at 700 feet a minute, and marvel at the elaborate tile work with its ships, waves and sea life. Designed by the architectural firm of McCarter & Nairne, it's truly a classic.

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Game 6, here we go.



This trio came downtown from Surrey for Game 6 to hang out in the CBC Fan Zone.

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Abbotsford Farmers' Market


Food, garden plants, arts & crafts and entertainment galore appear every Saturday at the Abbotsford Farmers' Market. More than 100 farmers' markets pop up every week around British Columbia.

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Can never have enough fan photos


Peter Puck picked a peck of pickled....

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(Measured) Canucks Booster


Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson speaks with CBC TV about the Canucks' prospects heading into game #5. He remains cautiously optimistic, but a little wary of jinxing the team with too much confidence. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!


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Orchard Veteran

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Sunshine brings out the prized possessions.
This old timer was parked with other Model A's and T's at a weekend show in Fort Langley.
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Sockeye & backyard asparagus


Simple pleasures. B.C. sockeye and fresh asparagus from our garden patch. A little olive oil on both - c'est magnifique.
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Locomotive No. 374



Volunteer Len Brown loves to show off the C.P.R. Engine 374 which is parked permanently at the Roundhouse. It pulled the first transcontinental train into Vancouver in May of 1887, and continued working right into the mid 1940's. Definitely worth a visit and a climb aboard.   

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Between Periods



I bumped into Tim Moshansky while picking up a coffee outside CBC. He and his brother Perry have self-published this little reference, A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms. You'll find definitions for such things as: "flashing the leather", making a "seam pass" or having a "yard sale."(Think bench-clearing brawl.) Referee signals are illustrated, and there's loads of trivia including the weight of the Stanley Cup (35 pounds.) A good primer for hockey newbies wondering what all the fuss is about.


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Goal. One down, three to go.

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Third Period 0 - 0

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Ready for action




This fan was amoung the first to appear at the CBC Fan Zone on our plaza three hours before game time. Two large screen televisions will give thousands of people a chance to enjoy the first game of the Stanley Cup final together. The City of Vancouver has also closed off a section of Georgia Street between Robson and Georgia where people can watch the game on a large screen on the back of a flatbed truck. Similar Canucks fan gatherings are happening in Chilliwack and Nanaimo.