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It is suddenly hot and humid here in Vancouver, how unusual is this? Will records fall?

Question submitted by Tim Allen
(Vancouver, BC)

Hi there Tim,
Vancouver does not normally get this hot and humid! As I write this (12 noon on July 28th) we're 28 deg C, with a humidex of 34. Abbotsford is 32 deg C, with a humidex of 40.
Our all time record hot temperature was set back in August of 1960 at 33.3 deg C. Victoria has already set a record for this date at 31.6 deg C, beating it's old record of 29.4 deg C set back in 1958.

Footnote added July 31st: Since originally answering this question, we have had two unprecedented days of heat: on July 29th we (YVR) broke our all time temperature record when we hit 34.0 deg C, then on the 31st to my surprise we beat THAT all time record, when we hit 34.4 deg C! I am sometimes humbled by what Mother Nature can throw at us.

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